Our four main radio products are:

Radio commercials
We will add creativity and an individual spin to the most mundane product or service. And in doing so, we’ll create sales as well as making the station sound great. We’re good, we’re competitive, and we’re quick. Our recent new business wins include a major airline and a large chain of garden centres (names have been withheld to protect the innocent, from unwanted poaching attempts by jealous production houses…).

Advertising Jingles
For advertisers, we are bringing back the era of the catchy jingle that makes them unforgettable – at an amazingly attractive price. For stations, we write memorable theme tunes and ID pieces that set them a rung above the rest.

Station Identity & Promotions
We will pull your station out of the ‘me-too’ rut and create fresh new inserts, clips, sweepers, trails, special promotions, programme or DJ-specific material, etc. etc. etc. Just bring us your wish list and we will get to work (hi ho, hi ho…).

Our radio experience allows us to lift a run-of-the-mill podcast into the ‘must-listen’ category. A wave of our production wand sprinkles the old fairy dust onto the most tired material.

Female singer during vocal recording at music studio

‘I am really happy with the production you do for us at Jackie. It has an creative edge that is sorely needed across the whole industry.’

Dave Owen – Programme Controller, Radio Jackie, London

‘I hired Chris for a series of radio adverts and he created some fantastic ads and great jingles that i still hum now. What is even better is that my customers still know the songs too!’

Joe Polley – Senior Partner, Parker Car Service