Explainer video is the must-have feature for more and more sites, and behind the scenes we have been scripting and producing for many clients and agencies. So much so that in response to popular demand, you can now commission us directly at excellent rates. Choose Bojingles for your explainer videos, with 2D/3D animation, whiteboard, live video and all other forms of presentation.

Bojingles also has a team of sonic specialists, which means that we know precisely how to make any voice-over or musical track as good as it can be for the particular video application. The potential applications include:

  • Website (make people stay longer)
  • YouTube or Vimeo
  • Social Networks
  • Sales Presentations
  • Conferences

Our recent assignments have included writing and producing a video guide to a major new automotive safety product; a series of videos for international publishers; and editing and voice work on a complete hypnotherapy course (all together now – “I am getting sleepy…I will use Bojingles…).

Differing styles of explainer video that we have produced for clients: