Bojingles is a creative company that makes things happen for you.

We have video production software; two digital radio commercial production studios; and a sound and imagery library that allows you to show off – and sound off. We work in double-quick tempo and can supply files in any desired format.
Our enviable big black book of singers and voice-over talent includes hard-to-find accents and soundalikes.

Our scriptwriters, animators, producers and designers work creatively, quickly and economically to produce your order.
Because we do not carry huge corporate overheads and we work online with most of our customers, we have extremely competitive prices. This allows even small-sized organisations to create a unique image and to update it regularly.

• Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animating and producing explainer videos
• Memorable and persuasive radio jingles production and all forms of radio commercial work
• Composing music, writing lyrics & producing professional soundtracks, songs, corporate tunes, movie trailers, & TV themes
• Copywriting and designing websites to publicise, promote, and sell your products and services (with SEO copy, naturellement)
• Writing, styling and producing artwork for your printed brochures, mailers and all other forms of marketing material

Bojingles works with advertisers, advertising agencies and radio stations. We can supply you anywhere in the world.
Listen to examples of our original songs and soundtracks at our Soundcloud.